About Me

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in addiction, specifically gambling addiction and chemical dependency. I guide individuals and family members into abstinence, sobriety, and healing, and help them navigate the challenges of early recovery. 

Although I've researched and studied extensively, this is not just theoretical or something that I've learned from a book. I have been in recovery from gambling, drug, and alcohol addiction for over twenty years, and intimately understand the torment and heartache people experience as a result of addiction. This is my passion, and I am committed to helping others discover the excitement and fulfillment of life in recovery, through strong clinical knowledge, skill, and personal experience.


My Philosophy

I love being a therapist and I believe that it’s deeply reflected in my work. I don’t define you simply as a client or a patient; I see you as someone with a family and loved ones, who has struggled to find balance and emotional wellness and who has entrusted me with the task of helping you to achieve it. I value your trust and respect your process. I believe that therapy is collaborative and not about listening passively, or about telling you what to do. We may meet once a week, but I work between sessions to create solutions that will help you develop greater self-awareness and insight. I strive to be accessible and accepting so that you can feel free to be honest and open.