Gambling Addiction Treatment

I’m grateful to tell you that I provide confidential, individual therapy and counseling at NO COST to you. Your sessions are paid for by tribal casinos, local card clubs, state lottery, and other gambling establishments, giving you the opportunity to get something back after all the time and hard-earned money you've given to them. UCLA Gambling Studies Program has authorized me to provide treatment, beginning with a block of eight sessions. We will complete a thorough history of your gambling and begin to silence the mental obsession and extinguish the fever that drives your compulsion to gamble.

Although I've extensively researched and studied gambling disorder, this is not just theoretical or something that I’ve learned from a book. I have been in recovery from gambling addiction for over eighteen years, and deeply understand the torment and destruction people experience as a result of compulsive gambling. This is my passion, and I am committed to helping others discover the excitement and fulfillment of life without gambling, through strong clinical knowledge, skill, and personal experience.

Gambling is based on random reward, which is an extremely powerful psychological phenomenon. Recovery will require patience, which is difficult for compulsive gamblers, as they constantly seek instant gratification and the big win. We will work on managing gambling triggers including boredom, restlessness, and lack of excitement, and learn to cope with discomfort in healthy ways. As a recovering compulsive gambler, I get it, and I understand you. I have experienced everything that you are going through and understand what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t. You can speak to me candidly, and without having to explain yourself. I understand what it's like not being able to quit no matter how much you win. Extensive clinical skill is important, but trusting and connecting with someone who truly knows how you feel is essential in recovering from the madness of gambling addiction.

You and your family have experienced overwhelming financial and emotional devastation. Gambling addiction is unlike any other addiction, as gambling promises to solve all of your problems, if you just do it long enough. One small win can wipe out all the pain of losing. People with alcohol and drug addiction don't drink or use with the belief that it will allow them to pay the rent, get out of debt, or do it professionally; gamblers have this hope and belief every time they place a bet.

Like alcohol and drug addiction, compulsive gamblers build tolerance over time and require ever-increasing amounts of money and risk in order to get high. It doesn’t matter if they’re in it for the adrenaline, the action, or to escape reality; they will always need more: more time, energy, and money. Because they need increasing amounts of money to support their addiction, compulsive gamblers often turn to desperate and illegal acts to stay in action, which lead to the destruction of careers, homes, personal finances, and family relationships, and ultimately lead to feelings of extreme hopelessness and despair. It's time to rediscover hope and experience peace in your life, and I look forward to working together to make it happen.

Family Members and Loved Ones Affected by Gambling Addiction

Anyone close to a person with a gambling addiction experiences the pain and destruction of their actions. Gamblers create financial and emotional devastation that can feel endless, as the lies pile up one after the other, contributing to increasingly intense anger and resentment. I’m grateful to say that there is healing for you as well, and as an authorized treatment provider for the State of California and UCLA Gambling Studies Program, you can receive this care at NO COST.

I want to share something very important: I often hear from family members that everything will be fine if they can just get their loved one into treatment, and if the gambler stops gambling. This may happen, but it will be very difficult if the family member hasn’t worked through their pain, anger, and resentment.

I’m not saying that you have a problem or an issue with codependency. I’m saying that after all you’ve been through, you’re deserving of healing, support, and protection from the chaos and insanity of gambling. We will work through your feelings and learn to develop healthy boundaries, effective communication skills, and how to practice self-care. Gamblers can make you feel as though you’re losing your mind; we will work together to restore your sanity and also increase the possibility that your loved one will get help for their gambling addiction.